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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Days Are Awesome and Some...Well...(Days 112 - 116)

I thought about writing this post last night, and I was going to share about the AWESOME swim training I had just completed. Instead I waited until today and woke up feeling terrible - body aches, headache and a terrible sore throat, completely out of nowhere. I'm feeling less impressed with my swimming and more like laying down on the floor to sleep. Unfortunately with children here and one to be picked up from preschool soon, that isn't the best option.

Since I last posted, we did have Easter. What a wonderful and joyous holiday! It was also a first Easter for my twins despite them being more than a year old because Easter came so late this year. That was interesting.

Big kids showing off their treasures. Oh yes, I am totally a mean mom who gives them cups and toothbrushes and art supplies in their baskets:

Before the egg hunt - ready set, go!

Action shots:

Definitely NOT excited.

Poor little girls, watching from the window and just itching to go after their own eggs. Next year, they will be tearing up the egg hunt for sure.

I have had a couple of good runs recently, but I can't remember much about them because I feel so sick now. Swimming last night WAS wonderful though. I met my friend C, who is a serious athlete - she's training for a half ironman this summer. While working full time and with two young children. I have some amazing friends, seriously. I wasn't sure whether to hope not to drown or not to embarrass myself.

My race distance is 525m or 21 lengths in the pool. I did that distance more than a minute faster than last time! And then I added an extra 5 lengths for fun, still finishing the 650m in under 17 minutes. No speed records there, but my technique is getting better and watching C actually helped a lot - she's really good with keeping her upper body stable and her head in position, and I'm trying my best to mirror that when I swim. And she's super encouraging and motivated me to actually get to the pool, so that made last night double awesome.

Now with less than six weeks until my triathlon (gulp), I'm really trying to balance running with biking/swimming. I'm going to be doing more bike rides followed by a 1 mile run to keep the streak alive but also to work on the bike portion of the race. (I haven't actually ridden a bike outside since before getting pregnant with my girls. Oh yes. That's an issue.) I'm also planning to swim 2x/week until the race, so it's going to be busy!

Miles added since my last post:

2 miles
2 miles
1 mile
2.1 miles
1 mile (slow, sad but done thank goodness)

For a total of: 8.1 miles

Year to date miles: 166.96 miles


  1. I am sorry you aren't feeling well. I am so excited for you that you are doing your first triathlon!
    Good times!! Keep it up!

  2. Our family woke up with the same nasty crud. Hope you feel better soon! I didn't know you were entering a triathlon. As if I weren't already in awe of you...now I"m not even worthy to be in your presence! lol Love the Easter pics :)