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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Running as Therapy

People sometimes ask me why I like running. The fitness benefits are obvious, but those endorphins are better for mental health than all the wine and chocolate I could possibly eat. In case you're wondering why I crave those endorphins so much, I thought I would share the adventures of this week. So far. It's only Thursday after all...

Here's one: potty training this little guy. The good news is that he has the hang of it now, but it has been a long almost two weeks of reminders, laundry, practicing and general work. He's awfully cute in his tighty-whities though.

No real drama with these two, but almost one-year-old twins? The workload goes without saying.

Teamwork - one throwing food to the other. 

And happy to report no peanut allergies, but wow that peanut butter took forever to clean up.

And these two. Best of buddies 90% of the time, but a fight at the sand table this week led to sand throwing (by the little guy) and the 4yo ended up with sand in her eyes, a scratch on her cornea, and headed to an emergency eye doctor visit for irrigation/cleaning. That was super fun. The good news is that he didn't mean to hurt her, and has definitely learned a lesson, but I didn't see my Tuesday taking a turn like that. You never know what chaos is around the corner!

So potty training, twins (enough said), one scratched cornea, two preschool days, and the usual adventures of four young children (laundry, diapers, naptime coordination - the key to survival). How could I not want to run?

I should mention that my wonderful husband has been running more and more during his lunch hour at work, meaning that I can run in the mornings and - even better - run slightly longer. I decided to make a goal of 600 miles for the year, meaning I need to average just over 1.7 miles for the rest of the year. Longer runs (even slightly longer) now are a big help in keeping me from doing a half marathon every day in December...

So what have I done since I last posted?

2 miles
1 mile
2.13 miles

For a total of: 5.13 miles

And a year to date total of: 145.76 miles

Three more days in the books!


  1. This is such a neat idea! Running every day for a year scares me but I'm so impressed that you're doing it!
    Your kids are adorable too :)

  2. well done with the running .. keep it up!

  3. Hi nice to meet you.
    I know exactly what you mean. My week took a turn earlier this week when I had to take the guinea pig for a pedicure!!??
    Your kids are adorable, but I understand wanting to leave. When people ask me why I tri I always say, "Cuz no one wants to go with me." I am only half joking.

  4. Thanks everyone! Day 106 in the books, and it was a good one. I look forward to hearing about all your running adventures too. :)

  5. Found your blog and I officially love you - WHAT an inspiration! Your kiddos are the cutest and they are a GREAT reason to run, if not for your health and your sanity ;), to set a shining example for them! Props to you, I look forward to reading along on your journey with you!