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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Being Brave (Days 105 to 109)

Sometimes I'm not very brave.

It took me 100 days of running in a row to put this blog out for the world to see. I just kept thinking "something might happen" or "what if I quit" and then I would have a public record of my failure.

But running every single day means being brave! It means finding ways to squeeze in the workouts and being okay with every run not being amazing, but still lacing up your shoes because you made a commitment.

I'm working on being more brave.

I had this great idea that I was going to lose the last of my twin pregnancy weight, and celebrate that and turning 30 in January with a new short haircut. Something fun and sassy to celebrate hitting that milestone. Then I was thinking about it, and realized that I often cut my runs short in the morning because I need time to dry and straighten my hair or at least to cool down before getting in the shower. (Unfortunately "wash and go" hair is a myth for me.) It took a few days to get my nerve together, but I went for it and am sporting a pixie cut now. 

Evidence of my bravery: 

I have found that short hair is a) fun for running and b) easier to wash and style than I imagined. People also seem to universally like my new haircut, and I'm proud that I actually did it. 

Since I last posted, we also went to an Easter egg hunt for the kids with my local twin club. Very fun, and the girls love swinging at the park. 

When not swinging, they also like eating. I got a big thumbs up for my homemade marinara with asparagus and pasta.

Just two more days until the girls turn one! I can't believe how far I have come in terms of fitness in the past year. Days 105 to 109 are in the books now, and those runs were good ones too. I'm into these fast and dirty speed workouts recently, and the good news is that I'm getting faster!

Miles added since last post:

1.59 miles (with kids in tow too!)
2 miles
2 miles
2 miles
2 miles

For a total of: 9.59 miles

Miles to date: 155.35 miles

On track to make my 600 miles goal for the year, and five more days in the streak done!


  1. Great job! And you are SO BRAVE! Love the haircut too!

  2. I LOVE your hair. Very nice. Great idea. I wear mine short too. The twins are adorable.
    Good runnin!