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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Activity Streak Continues: Days 157 - 167

Greetings from post-running streak bliss! I have to say that having the ability to mix things up now that I'm not ONLY running has been wonderful both mentally and physically too. My legs were so sore after some spinning workouts this week because spinning does more for my hamstrings than running does. I also started a TRX bootcamp that has left me so very sore. It lasts for five more weeks, and I'm excited to build some muscle in that time. My new goal of activity every day this year continues - we're up to Day 167 already!

So what have we been doing otherwise?

Lazy days at the pool. BELIEVE ME, taking four to the pool should count as a workout itself. 

Many outdoor picnics - so much easier for cleanup. 

Family bike night fun.

Having fun with our new fledgling reader, who loves spelling words.

And sadly, our first traumatic injury - no broken bones or stitches yet, but the little guy bumped into the slide and knocked his tooth completely out. The good news? He was totally calm and not in pain. The bad news? He'll be toothless until the adult tooth grows in a few years from now. And I may or may not be traumatized from the crazy amount of blood. 

I'm officially registered for my next triathlon, Outdoor Divas in mid-August. The swim is slightly longer, which I think will be good for me, although I need to get into the open water again. The bike is also much flatter on this course, so I'm hoping for a new PR. Mostly I'm excited to race again!

Miles and workouts since last post: 

2 miles
Spinning bike
Spinning bike
2 miles
2 miles
Spinning bike
Elliptical and swim
2.13 miles
TRX bootcamp
2 miles (hills)
TRX bootcamp

Total miles: 10.13

Year to Date Miles: 247.36 miles

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